Wedding Design

  • Conceptualization

    Every spectacular event needs a theme. Ideas are our forte. We’ll have a friendly chat and find out what matches your style. Then we’ll dive into the world of inspiration and come up with ideas that will dazzle everyone’s senses and have them praising your panache.

  • Design

    The stage, the centrepieces, the décor, the lights and special effects. Once you have a theme, everything else will be built around it and have you at its centre. We’ll show you sketches, pictures, and colour palettes. Once you’re in love, we’ll move to the styling stage.

  • Styling

    This part involves brining all the visual design aesthetics together to make them seamlessly merge beautifully. We’ll even set-up a mock display for you to experience your creation coming to life before your special day.

  • Floral Design

    Floral design is an art of its own. We’ll make sure you have your favourite flowers following your theme, wonderfully trimmed, buffed and arranged in the most enchanting compositions the eye can see.

  • Invitations

    Wow your guests with a spectacular first impression. Our design team will make sure everyone is impressed from the moment they receive your invitation.