Social and Corporate Events

  • Gala Dinners

    We will fully conceptualize and style your event. This includes setting up the stage, ensuring the best table set up, arranging for entertainment, developing visual content and handling the direction of the whole event.

  • Luncheon & Dinner Set Ups

    Every fashionista knows the importance of social luncheons and dinners. We’ll handle the table set up and make sure the décor is nothing short of remarkable to impress your guests and have you making a one of a kind statement.

  • Bachelorettes

    Your Bachelorette is a celebration of you and we’ll make sure you make the most of it. We will plan it all around you and ensure it shows off your fantastic personality and leave you, your friends and your family with priceless memories.

  • Baby Showers

    Floral design is an art of its own. We’ll make sure you have your favourite flowers following your theme, wonderfully trimmed, buffed and arranged in the most enchanting compositions the eye can see.

  • Invitations

    Wow your guests with a spectacular first impression. Our design team will make sure everyone is impressed from the moment they receive your invitation.